Vervaet marks 30th anniversary in the UK

Vervaet better harvesters
Three Vervaet Quad 550 self-propelled slurry applicators near the end of the production line at the manufacturer’s plant at Biervliet in the Netherland

This year’s sugar beet campaign will mark the 30th anniversary of Vervaet machinery in the UK as importers J Riley Beet Harvesters report a market-leading level of sales. Harvester production is well underway at the Vervaet factory at Biervliet in the Netherlands, and the company has also produced more than 60 self-propelled slurry applicators this year, a record number. Although parts shortages have plagued some manufacturers, Vervaet customers can be reassured that everything is available from stock.

“We are very pleased with another market-leading year of sales to date,” said Matt Carse, sales manager at J Riley Beet Harvesters. “We have sold considerably more harvesters than all of our competitors, and we also have a number of new slurry applicators now working in the UK. In these uncertain times we are glad to be able to provide maximum parts availability from our own extensive stores which are backed up by those of the manufacturer just across the water. As a company we are confident that we are offering our customers the best package available, with industry leading service and backup, and this fills me with confidence to push the Vervaet brand even further in the UK.”

“I’m extremely excited to see the new developments that Vervaet has made within the last two years,” said Carse. “We have seen the launch of the Quad 550 self-propelled slurry applicator and the introduction of the rollerbed option for sugar beet harvesters. The market for self-propelled slurry applicators in this country is growing, and although the size of the beet crop is fairly stable our harvester customer base is actively increasing thanks to continued sales success.