High-performance McCormick tractors for ploughing, cultivation, drilling and other arable farming operations return to Cereals in June.

“The new-generation X7 Series and the X8 Series cater for a broad range of arable farming applications and implements with a choice of powershift and stepless transmissions, different levels of equipment, and precision farming options that include factory-installed Isobus implement control and Topcon guidance, section control, variable rate applications and so on,” said Adrian Winnett, managing director of Argo Tractors.

The top model in the range will take centre stage on their stand to highlight a three-model line-up of 264–310hp tractors that deliver a great deal of performance while being sufficiently versatile to handle operations such as manure and digestate spreading in addition to all tillage operations.

The tractors have the firm’s Premium specification, which means they have front axle and cab suspension, a top-spec driver’s seat, and the convenience of all-electric spool valves for the hydraulics.

This is based on a 157-litre or 212-litre/min variable output piston pump, supported by a 115-litre/min piston pump dedicated to the steering and ancillary systems.

The high-output hydraulics package also includes 12-tonne capacity rear implement linkage paired with a three-speed pto system, and fully integrated 5-tonne capacity front links with optional pto.

The latest McCormick X7 Series tractors from 140–225hp will also feature at the event.

These latest-generation machines are available with the new P6-Drive semi-powershift transmission in addition to the stepless VT-Drive alternative, exhaust compression braking on all six-cylinder variants that relieves wear and tear on the friction brakes during road travel, and a new semi-active hydraulic cab suspension option.

Revised power outputs from the Stage IV-compliant four- and six-cylinder engines include an automatic ‘boost’ when operating pto-driven implements.

Within each of the five ranges, the operator can shift manually or automatically among six powershift ratios to find the best ground speed for the prevailing conditions.

While VT-Drive versions are available to Premium specification only, McCormick X7 Series tractors equipped with P6-Drive can be had to Premium and simpler Efficient spec.