Lamma returns to the East of England Showground for one last time on January 17–18, with many machines making their UK debuts.

When it comes to tractors, there will be a vast choice on offer, from huge tracked machines to general workhorses and compacts.

More power and performance and cab refinements are among the new features of the McCormick’s second-generation X7 Series tractors being launched at the event.

The range includes a more powerful model with 205hp for draft work and up to 225hp for pto and transport operations. An engine boost system now features on all models, while the new transmission serves up two extra powershift steps and an additional range for added speed control. The performance of the hydraulics has also been upgraded. Inside the cab, the headland management system also has more features.

Case IH will be launching its flagship Quadtrac CVX series, a range of three new tracked tractors equipped with CVT transmissions, a first on an articulated tracked tractor.

The Quadtrac 540 CVX, with 613hp, is the world’s most powerful tractor with a CVT transmission. Its stablemates are the 558hp 500 CVX and the 525hp 470 CVX. All models in the range are powered by electronically controlled 12.9-litre six-cylinder engines.

Providing stepless travel from 0-40kph, and 0-18kph in reverse, the CVX range allows three adjustable target speeds from 0kph to 40kph to be stored, adjustable via the thumb-wheel and buttons on the in-cab controller.

Key features include automatic productivity management, which ensures the most efficient operation of the machine, whether the target is minimum fuel use or maximum output.

Case will also be bringing several other new and updated tractors to the show. Puma 140, 150 and 165 tractors are now available with a specification that features the firm’s six-step semi-powershift transmission.

Puma 185 Multicontroller to Puma 240 CVX models have seen front axle suspension improvements, to improve ride quality and machine stability. They can also now be equipped with adaptive steering control.

The company will also present its new Maxxum ActiveDrive tractor, which has just been awarded Machine of the Year, and three new Farmall multi-task tractors.

The main attraction over on Fendt’s stand will no doubt be the 431hp MT 943 tracked tractor, the flagship of the three-model range, which will be making its first appearance in the UK.

Fendt has paid particular attention to the suspension systems. By combining the air-sprung operator’s seat, the two-point cab suspension, ConstantGrip track/ground contact and SmartRide mainbeam connection, the company claims new standards of ride, performance and control.

Landini’s new Rex 4 Series tractors will also be making their UK farming debut. The compact tractor range spans 69-111hp and the 95hp Rex 4-100 F will be on display.

The F version can be configured to 1.3m wide so it can be used as a heavy-duty yard and cubicle house scraping tractor, while the ultra-narrow version, which is barely 1m wide, is designed primarily for vineyard work. There are seven power outputs altogether, all delivered by a new 2.9-litre four-cylinder engine.

John Deere has announced several improvements to its lower horsepower 5M and 5E Series tractors up to 115hp (page 14). The company has also extended the 5E range with the introduction of the new 49hp 5050E, its smallest agricultural tractor. Models from both ranges will be on the firm’s stand.

The new 5090M replaces the 5085M in the four-model M range, which also includes the 5075M, 5100M and 5115M. All are equipped with Stage IIIB-compliant engines – a 2.9-litre three-cylinder unit on the 5075M, and a 4.5-litre four-cylinder unit on the three bigger models. Cabs have been updated and the rear hitch capacity has been increased to 4.32 tonnes and its payload to 7.5 tonnes.

The firm says the newly designed 5E Series three-cylinder tractors for 2018 also feature enhanced operator comfort and fuel efficient motors, with the maximum power ratings of the 5050E, 5058E, 5067E and 5075E models being 49, 60.3, 68.5 and 74.7hp, respectively. There is a choice of two transmission options and the cab has also seen a number of updates.

Tym’s new mini workhorse, meanwhile, the T393, brings more versatility to the firm’s utility tractor range. It features a 39hp engine, two transmission options, 12×12 speed manual with dash mounted shuttle lever or a three range HST transmission, and the highest lift capabilities in its class at 1200kg. The tractor is available with either a rear mounted ROPS or a factory-fitted cabin with air conditioning and front and rear work lamps.

Its hydraulic flow rate has a maximum output of 42 litres per minute so it is capable of driving a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments. All HST models come equipped with a new auto throttle function that links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed with the engine’s rpm.

And, elsewhere around the showground, here is our pick of some of the latest equipment designed to help farmers improve business performance and productivity.

Drill time

On the Lemken stand you will find the new Azurit 9 single seed drill, which places seeds in offset twin rows. The company says it provides 70% greater area for growth, with seed type selected via the operating terminal before starting work. The machine monitors seed flow and automatically corrects singling irregularities.

Kuhn Farm Machinery will be showcasing its new combination seed drill, the Venta 4030 + HR 4040 (page 25). The power harrow element – HR 4040 – uses straight blades and a Duplex gearbox, enabling rotor speed to be adjusted according to soil conditions.

JC Machinery will be joined by Vredo to showcase the upgraded Vredo Agri Twin and Agri Air overseeder range. Both drills are fitted with a new system that allows them to sow arable crops directly on corn stubble at a 15cm row distance as well as retaining the grassland overseeding feature.

Stanhay will be releasing the ProAir precision drill to the UK market, the first new machine from the firm in seven years. It is 40% lighter and 30% shorter than its predecessor, the Star Plus. The company claims this compact precision drill offers more adjustability than any other unit on the market.

The Farmet Falcon drill is another newcomer. The range includes models from 3m to 8m and features a 4000-litre grain-only tank or 6000-litre grain/fertiliser version. Users can select different swappable toolbar options, with two metering units enabling two seed types to be sown at different depths and rates.

Grassland encounter

Pöttinger’s new Novacat A9 triple mower combination has an overall cutting width of either 8.92 or 9.18m, using Pottinger’s own cutterbar equipped with quick-change blades and Tri-Drive gear technology for maximum power transmission, delivering a clean, ground-contoured cut.

The A9 is available as a plain disc mower, with extra dry tine conditioner or an RCB rubber roller conditioner.

Kuhn will have on display its new single rotor, mounted grass rake, the GA 4431, one of three new machines with working widths of 4.4 to 5m.

All three feature Kuhn’s two-stage gearbox, which uses a bevel and spur gear reduction system as seen on the company’s twin- and four-rotor grass rakes.

Canadian firm Anderson Group will be launching its RBM2000 Pro bale-collecting trailer, which can pick up wrapped round bales from the field on the move with no risk of damaging the wrapping. The lifting arm, features a bale detector that initiates the loading sequence when it contacts the bale. The trailer can carry 20 bales, and typically takes 20 seconds per bale.

Tanco’s 1400-V high-speed round-bale wrapper retains the split table of the firm’s 1400-EH model, which is designed to allow simultaneous bale unloading and next bale reloading, but now features auto-loading.

John Deere’s stand will also feature the company’s latest 8000 Series self-propelled forage harvester, of which more on page 14, equipped with a new generation HarvestLab sensing system.


Weaving Machinery’s new ultra-low disturbance LD Top Soiler will be on show. The mounted top soiler’s heaving action relieves compaction in the top 228mm of soil and is designed to lift the soil while maintaining its profile structure to help preserve soil nutrients and retain moisture.

Väderstad’s new Carrier with the CrossCutter Disc, meanwhile, is designed to improve mixing of trash and soil at 2–3cm on stubbles, cover crops and on ploughed land. The shallow disc cultivator can achieve speeds of up to 20kph and has a low horsepower requirement. Widths of 3m to 12.25m are available, and the 450mm-diameter discs are individually mounted to a rubber suspended disc arm.

The firm will also be showing its new universal light tined cultivator with levelling CrossBoard, which can create a seedbed in a range of conditions. The Ferox 500-900 has 50mm points and is available in working widths of 5 to 9m. Its rigid vibrating tines can maintain a constant working depth and shatter cobbly soils.

Claydon will be launching its new TerraBlade inter-row hoe, a low-cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in all types of band-sown crops including wheat, barley, oats and beans. Four models are available with working widths of 3-6m to match those of the firm’s Hybrid drills, with typical hourly outputs of 1.5-3ha. Minimum power requirements range from 30 to 60hp.

A new mid-range, mounted reversible plough from Pöttinger, the Servo 45M, is available in four- and five-furrow versions, and is aimed at tractors up to 240hp. The company says a six-furrow variant will follow. An interbody clearance of 95cm and point-to-beam distance of 80cm ensures trash is buried with ease. Servomatic adjustment allows quick adjustment of the front furrow width and plough alignment.

The Opico stand will have on display a new, wider 5.5m trailed Combi Disc from He-Va. The nine tines subsoil to a depth of 400mm, while 510mm-diameter scalloped Sabre discs, which follow the legs, cut and mix to a depth of 125mm. The depths of the legs and discs can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat. The legs can be lifted out and folded, leaving the two rows of discs and the press roller in work, and vice-versa.

Halse South West will be expanding its offering of Ovlac kit. The Maxidisc 2 short disc harrow cultivator comes in mounted and trailed versions, and covers working widths of 2.5 to 6m. There is a choice of 20in or 24in serrated discs.

Sprayers and spraying kit

Amazone’s UF 2002 is a new mounted sprayer that features a 2000-litre tank integrated into the main frame to give a favourable centre of gravity. The PE tank allows quick, effective tank cleaning and minimal residual volumes. The UF 2002 features a 350-litre fresh water tank. The machine can be fitted with any Super-S2 boom from 15 to 30m and is equipped with a new 250 or 300l/min piston diaphragm pump and a new operator station.

Horsch will present its next-generation Leeb GS trailed sprayer for the first time in the UK. The Leeb GS builds on the proven formula of the previous models, with award-winning BoomControl Pro boom system and stainless tanks but adds a greater level of equipment and new configurations. The sprayer is available with a 6000, 7000 or 8000 litre stainless steel tank, which allows for easy and quick cleaning. The new Leeb GS line is equipped with Horsch software and Isobus-compatible electronics.

Chafer has made several upgrades to its Sentry and Guardian trailed sprayers. A new boom suspension assembly offers improved contour following and the advanced ePlumbing system uses CANbus valves providing information about the valve’s status and position, essential during automatic filling, rinsing and general plumbing functions.

Knight Farm Machinery is introducing an optional boom-mounted nozzle check and cleaning station that will enable operators to check, clean and replace nozzles quickly. It includes a pneumatic system which enables operators to clean out blocked nozzles quickly and effectively.


Tong Engineering is showing the latest model of its market-leading Caretaker mobile grader, featuring the new advanced HMI control system.

Available as an option on all its latest equipment, Tong’s Pro-Series controls can be specified as part of the Auto-Touch HMI control system, adding a level of control and system intelligence to produce advanced system monitoring and reporting.

The Haith Group is displaying the new Haith Smart Drier, a packing-line machine that features a bed of heated stainless-steel rollers designed to remove excess moisture from potatoes. Each roller can be adjusted independently and can achieve a surface temperature of up to 100C, eliminating the risk of bacteria build-up, transfer to the crop and potential storage problems.