Wrights cover

Wrights Farming Register chose Lamma to launch an exciting new look alongside Kelsey’s exciting portfolio of tractor titles.

The new format, known as quarterfold, actually measures 200mm wide by 270 deep and stretches to 64 pages in length. The paper itself is printed on a higher-quality 70gsm stock.

Alongside Wright’s fascinating blend of farming-related news stories, there are specific sections for sports and hobbies, energy and technology, auctions and events, landscape and forestry, plant and machinery, and the regular on test section. This month on test features Mercedes-Benz’s first foray into the pick-up market, with its X220D.

Of course, at its core, Wrights has its Broker Service, which runs to a full 16 pages in length. Among its pages you will find everything from second-hand tractors to used feed and forage boxes.

We look forward to serving you in the years ahead. If you are interested in advertising in Wrights, contact Fran Taylor on 01959 543539 or 07764 230515.