Landini updates Rex3 series of tractors

Landini Rex

Landini has updated its Rex3 F Series, the range of tractors specialised in vineyard and orchard work.

The new version now features a Stage V engine and is characterised by innovative technological solutions, an improved bonnet and the possibility to install a low-profile cab.

Such a restyling has allowed the specialised Landini to be nominated for the prestigious award Tractor of the Year 2021, in the ‘best of specialised’ category.

The Rex3 F line up features three different powers for its four-cylinder, 2.5-litre Kohler engine – 55hp, 68hp and 75 hp, with torque reserves of 50%, 45% and 32% respectively.

Engine RPM management is provided by an engine memo switch that allows you to store and quickly recall settings when passing from one activity to another. Its 50-litre diesel tank allows to operate fully over a working day.

The winning features of the new Rex3 F Series are its compact dimensions: wheelbase 1950mm; minimum ground clearance 213mm; external width from 1350mm to 1617mm; minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground on the platform version 1256mm; weight without ballast 2200kg.

But the Rex3 F Series acquires its most obvious competitive advantage in versatility. This starts from the low profile cab option, which has a 1.16m wide single-shell structure at the base being reduced to 0.86m at roof level, for a minimum overall height from the ground of 1.87m, while ensuring respect for the foliage and comfort for the operator.

This last factor becomes evident when looking at the wide door opening for easier accessibility, the tilting steering wheel, the multifunction dashboard, the absence of levers on the central tunnel, the air conditioning circuit and the optional rear camera.

The cab offers maximum visibility in lateral operations, on sloping terrain and in greenhouse crops. Handling and ease of use are also found in the factory-fitted option of the front hitch, with a maximum capacity of 1000kg, and in the under-cab chassis geometry specifically designed for the installation of various central equipment.

Designed for professionals working in vineyards and orchards, the hydraulic circuit delivers 30 litres/min for steering and 50 litres/min for control valves, up to three with the possibility to bring one outlet also at the front, in addition to supporting the rear hydraulic hitch featuring mechanical control and ergonomic lift system, with an anti-dumping system and a capacity of an improved 2700kg.

Versatility and comfort make it a tractor built around the operator’s needs: the driveline operates by mechanical reverse shuttle and offers, with creeper, 16 forward and 16 reverse gears in a speed range from 0.4 to 40kph. The front axle with electro-hydraulic engagement is produced in Argo Tractors plants and offers a steering angle of 55°. The 20in rear wheels (for the GE version) and 24in rear wheels (for the F versions) are equipped with waffle-type rims designed to minimise vibration, thus maximising comfort when travelling on the road with equipment in tow, also thanks to the maximum allowed weight of 4000kg.

The Rex3 F Series can in fact be fitted with Landini’s fleet management system, which guarantees telemetry data, remote diagnostics, efficient integration with the after-sales system, a direct connection with the service department and a reduction in downtime for maintenance, as well as a preferential lane for the operator to maximise farm operativeness.