Fendt launches its new 700 Vario

Fendt 700 Vario

The seventh generation of Fendt 700 Vario series tractors were announced in North America recently. This version introduces a new design, engine, and a number of technical innovations.

There are five models ranging from 203 to 283hp. For farmers who need more horsepower, the 728 Vario DP offers 20 extra horsepower via a demand-dependent control system. The extra power concept is not tied to driving speed or other functions but functions purely dynamically.

“AGCO has always focused on providing customer-first solutions, and the Fendt 700 Vario series delivers on that promise. With a combination of key upgrades and new features, these tractors are the perfect combination of strength, agility, functionality, and comfort, making them ideal for everything from haying and livestock work to heavy-duty field or fleet operations,” said David Soliday, senior tactical marketing manager for Fendt tractors.

The new 7.5-litre engine allows the tractors to deliver a high-performance range without compromising on the efficiency for which the series is well-known. All components, such as the engine, transmission, hydraulics, and cooling system, are designed to achieve impressive torque even at low engine speeds to ensure high tractive power and acceleration strength with lower fuel consumption and extended service life.

The single-range transmission provides an entirely seamless operating experience from 65ft per hour to 33mph. VarioDrive is the company’s latest evolution of the Vario CVT and provides intelligently controlled all-wheel drive management. The drive train eliminates the need for manual switching when changing between field and road operations, and it drives the front and rear axles as needed and distributes the power dynamically. In the field, full tractive force is available, and stresses are avoided when driving on roads or curves. The “pull-in-turn” effect pulls the machine into the curve during turns, resulting in a particularly small turning radius with full tractive power and less soil compaction.

The exclusive Concentric Air System (CAS) cooling concept has been purposefully designed for low engine speeds, compact construction, and fuel efficiency. Less drive power is needed compared to conventional fan and cooling systems, and this power is then available for traction in the field or on the road. The CAS concept is driven by its own hydraulic motor and is decoupled from the engine speed. The system is automated according to demand and is extremely quiet and smooth.

The new generation is operated simply and individually via the multifunction joystick and the 3L joystick. The Fendt 700 Vario is equipped with a 10in digital dashboard and a 12in terminal on the armrest as standard. An additional retractable 12in terminal in the headliner is available as an option.

Smart functions such as the guidance system, the automatic section control, or the variable rate control are displayed as required on the individually assignable tiles in the terminals.

Six different seat configurations are available, as well as a new optional premium leather seat that features massage, heating, and cooling. The driver adjusts the seat height, position, and backrest angle electrically via a lever on the side of the seat. Operators can create personalised seat profiles and activate them with one click when changing drivers.

With an optional increased hydraulic pump capacity of up to 58gpm, the Fendt 700 series allows you to accomplish tasks more efficiently. As with all other Fendt series, the hydraulic system is completely independent and self-contained from other tractor functions such as the transmission, steering valves, and cooling fan. These hydraulic capabilities improve efficiency and accuracy and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, the series now allows for full use of up to five rear and two front hydraulic remotes.

The popular tyre pressure regulation system already offered on larger Fendt series is now an optional feature on the new Fendt 700 series. VarioGrip allows operators to increase the contact area with the ground and boost tractive power by up to 8%. When driving on the road, the air pressure can be raised, providing a better ride and improving tyre longevity. The driver can easily set and control the system’s tire pressure in the tractor display.

Numerous factory-installed tyre options are available for the Fendt 700 tractors. All models in the range can be equipped with a vast array of commonly used row crop, single metric, or dual tyre configurations. In addition to its tyre offerings, the new series is entirely row crop capable at 60in gauge settings. The new 700 series now also features the ability to factory install certain front and rear dual tires.

The 36-month/3,000-hour warranty features no deductible, covers all scheduled maintenance, and includes the cost of oil, filters, belts, and maintenance items during the coverage period. Each new tractor also receives five years of telematics that allows an operator or their dealer to monitor important machine data remotely.