In 2009 Grimme launched the Rexor 620, a six row self-propelled beet harvester with a 20-tonne bunker. Four years later it is the Rexor 630, a three-axle chassis version with a 30-tonne bunker, that sees the light of day.

Both model ranges are equipped with extensive new and further developments for model year 2019. The focus of the new generation is on crop protection and performance enhancement, driver comfort and digitisation. Another visible feature is the new modern design of the two-axle Rexor 6200 Platinum and the three-axle Rexor 630 Platinum.

The three large dimensioned turbines have new tines to ensure a more gentle cleaning and faster transport of the crop. The guide bars at the turbines can be quickly and easily adapted by the driver to the respective digging conditions. Spring tine packages are available as an option for clay rich and sticky soils. The new quick change system allows a simple modification from guide bars to spring tines. Incorrect settings are minimised. Load dependent speed regulation of the turbines and the ring elevator, integrated as standard, relieves the operator and ensures further crop protection.

The new 90cm wide ring elevator has large volume pockets, which increase the throughput by up to 25%. Due to the higher capacity, the ring elevator can run much slower, which increases gentle crop handling and reduces wear. In addition, the transfer points have been optimised and a rotating shaft prevents soil build-up and weed deposition between the second cleaning turbine and the ring elevator.

The new and unique drop height reducer ensures a gentle crop transfer from the ring elevator into the bunker. The drop height reducer is controlled automatically so that the driver does not have to take over. The transfer from the length to the cross scraper floor has been optimised, to avoid beet and beet top fractures.

The 1.8m wide unloading elevator can be lowered twice, so that the drop height of the beets to create a clamp is very low and the overloading onto a transport vehicle is made easier. It is possible to fold in the bend, so that there is no longer danger even when digging, e.g. under hanging power lines. Also new is the automatically flashing beacon light, to signal the pre-set bunker filling level to the driver of the transport vehicle.

Noticeable improvements in almost all areas are made for the benefit of the driver. The driver’s cab is the quietest on the market thanks to optimised sound insulation. The new premium driver’s seat is equipped with extra an high backrest and headrest, significantly improved suspension comfort, seat heating and an air-conditioning system. The optimised narrow bunker shape in the front, for a significant improvement in visibility of the unloading conveyor. The new powerful LED lighting system turns night into day. LED strips are integrated into the engine cabinet to ensure safe working even in difficult lighting conditions. ProCam, with which the driver can monitor the left and right sides of the machine via two special cameras and an additional monitor, is available as an option.

The saving and recall of individual machine parameters as well as the Visual Protect monitoring system are standard.

The ErgoDrive operating concept allows for intuitive control and easy access to all functions for the driver. The operator can save and personalise particular settings as required. Individual and field specific settings can be stored and retrieved conveniently by the operator. The coming-home function allows for the driver to leave the machine safely. Air compressor connections at the cabin side and in the engine compartment allow for easy cleaning. The 15 litre hand washing container is just as easy to reach as the toolbox. There is a large storage compartment in the bunker for the storing of hydraulic oil, wear parts and AdBlue is standard.

Both Rexor models are available as 20, 25, 32 or 40kph versions with road approval.

The data management system Optiplan or Optiplan Plus includes a printer and a GPS receiver module is available as an option. The connection to the myGrimme portal is free of charge and the corresponding telemetry unit is standard on board.

Service packages are available for all self-propelled Grimme harvesters, which include the full service inclusive of wearing parts.